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Musandam Oman Tour: Best Things Do in Musandam, Oman

Musandam Oman tour:

Musandam Governorate of Oman is located 192 km away from Dubai and is considered a must-visit getaway. It is divided from the rest of the country through a piece of land and encircled by two gulfs: the Arabian and the Omani. This place is fabled for its natural, pristine beauty and architectural establishments.

Get a dhow cruise from Dibba or self-drive down to Musandam while enjoying this peninsular beauty. Here is the list of activities you can enjoy during your Musandam Oman tour:

Traditional Dhow Boat Through The Fjords

Behold the panoramic Fjords in the Musandam as you navigate through the region in a traditional Dhow cruise. The locals of Musandam have made lots of traditional boats and dhows to use for fishing. You can enjoy Arabian-styled majlis with fully Arabic cuisine while soaking eyes in waves and clean & fresh blue waters. If anyone wants to swim, they can ask the driver to take a break.

Visit Khasab Fort

Located in the Province of Khasab, the capital of the Musandam Peninsula, Khasab castle was constructed by the Portuguese in the 17th-century. Visit this fort to witness the Omani culture and get to know about the history of Musandam through various exhibitions which include kitchen equipment, jewellery, weapons, clothes etc. You can also find a Quran learning school.

Swimming, Snorkelling and Canyoning

Musandam has wonderful turquoise waters that reflect hidden gems & treasures. Wadi, the mini grand canyon offers visitors to behold the unscathed beauty of nature and enjoy adventurous activities like snorkelling, canyoning.

Paraglide at Zighy Bay

Do you know, Musandam is one of the most popular destinations in Oman for paragliding and parasailing? For all adventure seekers, have a look at the fascinating pictures of Zighy Bay and you could imagine a sky-high and picturesque view that can be obtained with paragliding. It is an absolutely rewarding experience with stunning landscapes to explore.

Luxury Vacation

 It takes a 3-month valid passport for a total of AED 85 per passport, to get an On-Arrival visa for UAE residents. Book your stay and enjoy the holidays at a luxurious resort with private pools and open-air showers.

Apart from these activities, you can spend a night in the mountains far away from the bustle of the city. Booking your Musandam Oman tour from a reliable travel partner will make your vacation a lifetime experience. It is a must-visit place if you’re in the Middle East and you will not regret it.

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