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Desert Safari Dubai: The exciting locations to plan out your trip

Desert Safari Dubai

The iconic city that is located in the United Arab Emirates is Dubai which is quite famous for its lavish hotels and resorts. Dubai offers activities full of fun and exciting experiences like the desert safari, which is the best option for the ones who wish to explore the adventurous side of the city as Dubai is home to some of the most beautiful deserts in the world!

Tourists can easily select from the varied kinds of tours offered for desert safaris. A few of the tours include a visit to the camel farm, while the rest offers chances to watch the sun setting over the desert’s horizon. A few of the safaris also allow their tourists to ride on the quad bikes or try out sandboarding. Irrespective of the kind of safari tour you are selecting, you can surely have the most amazing time with an opportunity to participate in a few fun-filled activities.

Best Dubai Desert Safari Locations

Present mainly on the outskirts of the city, Dubai’s golden sands offer the perfect adventure for a desert safari. Commuting to these sites is the last thing that you should be thinking of with the tickets that include the return transfers. Let us check out the list of the most prominent places in Dubai which will elevate your desert experience.

1. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is the first national park in UAE, forming about 5% of the emirate of Dubai. It acts as a protected ecosystem for the wilderness of Dubai’s desert. It is prominent for its conservational projects that protect the endangered species of fauna and flora of the desert.

It works to maintain and conserve the ecosystem of the desert attracting tourists with various activities it has in its offerings. It is famous for its activities such as the camel treks, horse riding, falconry, archery, and several other desert safari activities that include dune driving and sandboarding.

2. Al Awir Desert

This desert is located about 35 km from the city center of Dubai. It is known mainly for being the hub for agriculture and camel breeding. Al Awir Desert is the main location for quad biking and dune-bashing. It usually attracts several tourists to experience the unique variety of activities that it offers, including adventure sports and desert safari. It is considered the most popular location for the desert safari in Dubai, and it has a lot of footfall here, especially during the weekends.

3. Bidayer

The Bidayer is a sand dune stretching across the desert, and it is perfect for making a day trip. It is known as the ‘Big Red’ due to its terracotta red color, making it easy to spot against the changing color of the sand on a yellow-hued landscape, especially during evenings.

4. Liwa Desert

It is mainly located near the Rub Al Khalu, the Liwa Desert, which is considered the “Empty Quarter,” which is a massive desert area known for its higher dunes and weather extremities. The highest sand dunes in every part of UAE are found here, with several things to do and explore.

The area is considered for its rich history of hosting events such as cultural festivities like a weeklong Liwa festival. Tourists can be an active part in these challenging races or simply relax in the wide-open spaces of the desert with a thriving culture.

5. Al Lahbab Desert

It is located at about 50 km on the outskirts of Dubai City, and this is the perfect option to go for sandboarding or dune bashing along with enjoying BBQ dinner. The majestic and charming red desert will be a memory for a lifetime as it offers unparalleled views of the other places in the UAE.

Include yourself in the safari programs where they will drive you through the rural villages giving detailed information about the cultural events happening nearby at about every location. There are activities that have become a prominent choice among travelers who are in search of adventures and opportunities for exploring the rich local culture.

6. Jebel Maleihah

It is the best place to visit if you are keen on finding ancient marine fossils. It is well-known as the “Fossil Rock” due to its adequate marine fossils that are spread out here in abundance. The rocks along the road between Kalba and Sharjah are preserved being underwater during the earlier geologic times when UAE was a part of the Tethys Ocean Floor.

Nearby, there is some other amazing structure, considered the camel rock. It is also a primary destination for photographers and tourists on the desert safari to take pictures alongside these awesome sights learning all about its rich history from the locals who live nearby.

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