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Your ultimate guide to spending the best morning desert safari in Dubai

Dubai is located on the Arabian Peninsula. It is a modern and wealthy city that is known for its tourism luxury. It delivers an incredible feel to travelers who are in search of an action-packed, adventurous vacation. Morning desert safari in Dubai is considered one of the most prominent activities that can allure several visitors to the city.

One of the best opportunities where you can marvel at the natural beauty of the desert is the desert safari in the morning time. It offers the most extrinsic Arabian experience allowing you to appreciate the unspoiled beauty of the Middle East.

The safari is best-suited for all group sizes and interests, ranging from the larger parties to the solo travelers.

Dubai offers the most exciting blend of morning desert safaris. The dunes of the rural desert of the United Arab Emirates are just a short distance from its capital city. So, book your safari as the real activity for adding to every Dubai travel list.

1. Try Sandboarding

A desert safari with a sandboarding tour is perfect for active travelers. Travel about 30-45 minutes into the Red Dune Desert on a 4×4 Land Cruiser.

If you are an active traveler, then the desert safari with Sandboarding is the perfect tour.     

Try dune bashing to make a start for your excursion. It is where your local guide is driving your group on a spine-chilling ride up and down the dunes.

Later, you can hop onto your sandboard and glide down the dunes. It is one of the most thrilling sporting adventures the desert has in its offerings. You will have sufficient time to get back to the city to explore the other highlights of Dubai, as the safari itself is three hours long.

2. Mix adventure with Sandboarding & Camel Ride

Both camel ride and Sandboarding in the safari offers you the classic mix of desert experience. Spend your morning enjoying a massive range of activities in the serene beauty of the Arabian Desert. Get the adrenaline rush with Sandboarding while marveling at the landscape dune bashing and hopping on to a scenic camel ride.

You can also visit the traditional desert camp and indulge yourself in Arabian dry fruits, sweets, coffee, and a complete breakfast. Enjoy getting transported back to your hotel after four hours long of fun.

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride mixed with Wildlife Morning Desert Safari

You can also book the hot air balloon ride in the morning desert safari for the best adventure of your lifetime. Check out the magical desert landscape from different angles.

The hotel will pick you up at 4:30 am, allowing you to have sufficient time to be up in the air for sunrise. Be hypnotized looking at the Hajar Mountains, and keep your eyes stuck to the desert animals below. You can also get a look of the falconry demonstrations from the air.

You can enjoy your gourmet breakfast at a private reserve once you are at the back on the ground. Hop on board the vintage Land Rover and cruise through the desert on the wildlife safari for one final activity.

4. Red Dunes and Camel Safari through an Overnight Camp

Why not combine an overnight desert safari with a morning one? You will experience the finest of both worlds with this sleepover camel safari. You will be picked up from your hotel in the evening and start your tour with a whole range of activities. It includes quad-biking, Sandboarding, and dune bashing.

You can also feast on the barbeque dinner, where you will get both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options after the sunsets. Then set foot to enjoy the classic Arab entertainment, like henna painting, belly dancing, and shisha smoking.

Book your stay overnight in a traditional Bedouin tent and sleep on the Nawar Bed. After you wake up in the morning, you will get departed on an enchanting sunrise at the camel caravan. Later, you can enjoy a freshly cooked Arabian breakfast before heading back to the city. You will get a complete package out of the Dubai Safari.

5. Dune Buggy Morning Desert Safari

It is the most exciting and fun-filled way of exploring the desert. Just hop on to the twin-seater buggy and follow your guide on the off-road exploration trip. Drive over the majestic valleys and dunes on this thrilling adventure.

These buggies come equipped with a complete harness and roll cage. There are three-morning timings sets starting at 7:00 am going till 9:00.

6. Quad Bike Morning Desert Safari

Quad biking morning desert safari is more likely to kickstart your morning in a better way. It gets your heart racing as you go through the arid landscape on your privately owned quad bike. Follow your guide all the way throug the dunes.

You will surely have several photo opportunities along your route, where you will also be served refreshing drinks!

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