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Why Should You Put A Desert Safari Dubai Tour On Your Bucket List?

Dubai is the world’s fourth most visited city, an inventive destination, and a futuristic emirate with several architectural achievements. Golden dunes stretch for kilometers among the palm-shaped islands, city-sized malls, fancy restaurants, and luxury resorts. The famous Arabian desert extends to Dubai. The opposite side of this fast-paced metropolis may be seen here. It may appear to be the only place that has remained unchanged over these years of growth and innovation. Much of the Northern Hemisphere is still wrapped in winter jackets from November to April, yet Dubai enjoys lovely weather. It’s the ideal season for outdoor adventures such as desert safari Dubai. If you still require convincing, consider the following reasons why a desert safari in Dubai should be on your bucket list:

It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Never again will a 45-minute trip from a five-star hotel put you in an endless desert stretch. Dubai is known for its unmatched luxury and fantastic attractions, but a trip to the desert offers a different story. With the powder-soft sand, a plethora of desert adventures, stunning sunsets, and a gourmet meal as a backdrop, you will see an unfiltered lifestyle.

Camel safari

When a group of camel’s saunters about, it seems like something out of a movie. You may enjoy a short ride on the back of these charming animals with long legs, just like the old nomads. You’d be transported back in time while marveling at the scenery. The guides will ensure that the trip is safe and enjoyable.

You can spot other wildlife.

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve attempts to preserve the natural landscape and indigenous flora and animals, contrary to popular belief that the desert does not support life. You’ll come across free-roaming wildlife herds from antelopes, oryxes, and red fox to hedgehogs, spiders, and centipedes. You may get here by four-wheel drive or on foot with the assistance of a safari guide.

It’s the ideal camping destination.

A primitive camping experience is included in the final phase of the Dubai desert adventure. Consider a barbecue, live entertainment, comfortable seating arrangements, and glistening lighting. Enjoy a traditional Tanoura show and belly dancing, sip shisha, get your hands painted with henna, and dress in an Arabic costume at this camp. You may unwind and sleep under the stars as the clock slows down and the day closes.

Don’t miss the excellent Arabic buffet

This is the place to go if you enjoy food. The cuisine at the camping is well-designed and provides both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. You will be treated to an assortment of grilled meats, fresh salads, delectable Arabic desserts, drinks, and much more during the magical evening. The mouthwatering 4-course buffet inspired by Arabic cuisine will satisfy your hunger and refresh your energy.

It offers a variety of exciting activities.

The desert safari in Dubai is well-known for its exciting moments. For you, it may be a once-in-a-lifetime chance. You won’t have to be concerned because experienced trainers back you up.

The following is a breakdown of the Dubai desert safari itinerary:

  • Dune bashing: Sit in a 4WD car with a skilled driver at the helm for dune bashing. It is a significant highlight of the vacation, as you will be crashing over the towering dunes at bone-chilling speeds while listening to music.
  • Sandboarding: It is an outdoor activity that combines roller boots and helmets, similar to snowboarding. Challenge your friends to a race on the sand from the peaks of the hills.
  • Quad Biking: Put on your diving gear and prepare for an adrenaline ride. For 15-30 minutes, explore the desert at your speed.

Desert safari vacations are available in several price ranges and lengths of time.

There are a variety of desert safari trips to pick from. The rest of the categories fit under one of three umbrellas. Safaris are available in the morning, evening, and overnight. While the morning safari attracts daredevils and thrill-seekers, the nighttime safari offers both adventure and culture. You may personalize the itineraries and choose the activities that best suit your thrill level. It’s entirely up to you how you remember the desert. There are also combination trips that combine a desert safari in Dubai with other city attractions. These excursions are all-inclusive deals. You will be able to see the finest of the city in fewer days and without breaking the bank.

There are both private and premium choices available.

You may always go on a private desert safari if you’re worried about overcrowded camps with tourists. These are all-inclusive safari trips for clients seeking a small group vacation or family celebration. You may relax and enjoy the desert beauty and tranquility without worrying about anything. You may drive the private vehicle yourself, enjoy the action with happy screams, and have uninterrupted, laugh-out-loud moments during the safari.


There’s no way you haven’t added a desert safari Dubai to your bucket list. For the most incredible adventure, book with trusted safari tour operators, wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen. It’s not a bad idea to forgo the tall buildings for a day of memories.

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