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Top 5 Things To Do In Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

Overnight Desert Sfarai

The Dubai desert safari is the most popular activity among tourists where thrill-seekers enjoy the adventurous rides and other additional activities. Desert is an essential part of the culture of Dubai and visiting this place with your family/friends will get you a lifetime experience.

There are mainly three types of desert safari:

– Morning Desert Safari

– Evening Desert Safari

– Overnight Desert Safari

All these safaris have their own ecstasy, but there’s truly nothing like spending a night in the desert. Overnight desert safari is for those who want to experience the endless expanse of dunes with a bright sky overhead. Here are the top things you can do in overnight desert safari in Dubai:

Camel Safari To Explore The Desert

Desert safari cannot be completed without a camel safari or camel ride and overnight desert safari is the best way to enjoy this ride because you’ll have plenty of time to explore the vast sand dunes. Camel ride is done within the desert camp and you can book your camel ride for 15 minutes or so. Ask your desert safari provider if they can offer a complimentary camel ride. Whereas camel safari lasts for up to 45-60 minutes and it takes you outside of your camp. The cost would be extra for a camel safari.

Try Your Hand at Sandboarding

Sandboarding gives you a chance to explore this place on your own. This activity is simple and you have to reach the top of sand dune, get a position, and off you go.  Guides are available to assist you and you will be ready to soar down the dunes. Most of the desert camps offer this as a complementary activity. Enjoy sand surfing!

Enjoy the Sunset

After enjoying the long day of activities, soak yourself in the beautiful sunset of the desert. This is something you’ll remember for your life. You can ask your camp to arrange a sitting arrangement form where you can easily witness this sunset. Enjoy snacks and admire the immensity of the desert.

Various Performances

Once you’re back in your desert camp, you will be entertained by varied performances like Belly dancing, Fire dancer, Tanoura dance, Live songs, henna tattoo, campfire, etc. If you are a shisha lover, what’s better than Emirati-style shisha. Along with this, feast on a BBQ dinner which represents traditional Arabic cuisine.

Witness a Beautiful Sunrise With Morning Tea

Experience an exquisite sunrise with a sumptuous breakfast. Enjoy Arabic tea and coffee with marveling at this beautiful sight. You’re going to miss this excursion filled with memorable experiences.

Find more information about Desert Safari Dubai at Dubai Desert Ride and book yourself an overnight desert safari to get an incredible experience.

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