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Motiongate Dubai

Motiongate Dubai - Must Visit This Place

Introduction About Dubai

Few decades ago, Dubai was just simple city. This was just land of desert. Wherever, an eye could see there were only desert. And, no one had any idea that after some years Dubai will  be changed so much. People will prefer for Dubai City Tour. Because, it is all due to different attractions like Motiongate Dubai and others

Meanwhile today, Dubai is a biggest trading infrastructure in whole world. And, in this city, most richest people live. People can easy enjoy in this city. Moreover, This is the safest city in the world. 

Dubai always remains in news due to its new inventions. Because, this country develop new architectural art every time. No one could except but Dubai believe and develop that infrastructure. However, Burj Khalifa is one of them which is only the one available 7 star hotel in whole world. 

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Motiongate Dubai

Motiongate Dubai is a largest park in middle east. This theme park has been designed from the inspiration of Hollywood theme park. Here, you can see three different and unique level of Hollywood studios which you can’t find at another place. Moreover, You can see Dream Works Animation, Lionsgate and Pictures Studios and also Smurfs. 

Moreover, first time Motiongate was opened for people in 2016. And, since 2016 each year millions of visitors come at this place. There are many adventurer activities and attractive activities at Motiongate. Meanwhile, here you can enjoy many different rides like roller coaster rides and water ride. 

Roller Coaster Ride in Motiongate Dubai

How to Reach to Motiongate Dubai

We will suggest you to make plan, if you want to go at any place. Because, in this way you would already know how you will have to go there and, what you will have to do there. Select best time which suits you. Also, make a budget for your tour. 

1. Drive Yourself

If you visit Dubai and you want to explore more things. Then, this way is best for you. Book private car which you can easily get from Airport. And, from Dubai Airport to Motiongate it will take round about 45 minutes. Because, expected travel is 61 kilometers. 

2. Book Online Cab

If you are going first time and you want best pick & drop service then, you can select Uber or Cream or any other online Cab book service. Because, It is easy to make booking in these platforms. your trip charges will be approximately AED 150 to AED 200 from Airport. You can select according to your luggage or total person. 

3. Book Local Car

You can also book local taxi which always available on the outside of Airport. You can easily go at Motiongate from this service. 

4.Metro Service

If you don’t have high budget then, Metro Service is best for you. Because, You can easily take metro from Dubai Airport Terminal 3. You will have to reach at Jebel Ali. It will take approximately one hour to reach there. Metro Charges will be AED 7. Then, You can take local taxi which will charge you AED 30 or AED 40. In this way, you can easily reach at Motiongate Dubai in one and half hour. 

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Perfect Time of Motiongate Dubai Tour

From November to March all days are best. Because, weather remains cold during these months. So, I will suggest you make a plan during these months. And, 4-5 hours are enough to explore all the activities in this tour. 

Different Areas of Motiongate Dubai

There are different areas in this park. Each area has been designed on the behalf of Hollywood theme park. 

Studio Central

Firstly you will enter from main entrance. Here, you will see different dining facilities. You can enjoy best meal. On main entrance, you will also see shopping services. All theme have been designed from eloquent of Hollywood.

Columbia Pictures

Each studio has its own unique level of attractions due to its activities. However, Columbia Pictures Studio has best attractions which depends upon Columbia Pictures Productions like Zombieland, Screen Gems Underworld, Hotel Transylvania, Ghost Busters and cloudy. Moreover, you can also avail a chance to see Meatballs. 

The Smurfs Village

This village is famous due to the animated show Smurfs and therefore, its name is Smurfs Village. 

Dreams Works

This studio is amazing because here, you will see attractions and main inclusions of this park. Dreams Works theme park productions are Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Trolls, Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon. 


At the end you will reach at Lionsgate Studio. This is the last part of Motiongate Dubai. Lionsgate has two theme park featured activities. One has been adapted from the Hunger Games film which is adaptation franchise. And, second is stage show which has been adapted from the Step Up Film Series. 

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Time Schedule of Motiongate Dubai

  • Saturday to Wednesday, you can visit from 12pm to 9pm. 
  • Thursday to Friday, You can visit from 12pm to 10pm. 
  • You will have to go from from park before 20 minutes of closing time. All rides will be close at that time. 

Main Activities

There are many activities in theme park. When you will visit there, you will see all the areas which has been designed in different way. Moreover, you will see all the studios which are unique and their theme styles are so much fabulous. 

Motiongate Dubai

Columbia Pictures Studio

All places are attractive, but main attraction is Columbia Pictures Studio.

  • Firstly, you will see attraction of Zombieland Blast Off (Basically, this is drop tower ride).
  • Secondly, The Green Hornet: High Speed-Chase (amazing roller coaster ride fully adventured).
  • Third, Hotel Transylvania (This ride is a spooky theme with different adventurer ups & downs which will scare you).
  • Fourth Underworld 4D (This is a under water show which is fully animated using 4D technology).


There are also different activities for children. 

  1. Ghostbusters
  2. Battle for New York
  3. 3D/VR Shooting Ride

In all above children will have to save the cities and also protect themselves. These adventures will give them a beautiful journey. Some more are following:

  1. Flint’s Imagination Lab
  2. Water Based Cloudy

All these activities are best part of Columbia Pictures Studio. 

Columbia Pictures Studio

Dream Works Animations Studio

This studio is also famous due to its Dream Works Animations which are:

  • Dragon Gliders Roller Coaster Ride
  • Camp Viking
  • Madagascar Mad Pursuit Roller Coaster Ride
  • Melman-Go-Round Ride
  • Kung Fu Panda Academy
  • Swamp Celebration
  • Penguin Air
  • Lagaan Carousel
  • Mr. Ping’s Noodle Fling
  • Shrek’s Merry Fairy Tale Journey
  • King Julien’s Side Show Stomp
  • Kung Fu Panda 
  • The Swinging Viking
  • Pirate Ship Ride
  • Operation Penguin Shake 
  • Fountain of Dreams

All these activities, rides and shows are animated and will give you joy.

DreamWorks Animation in Motiongate Dubai

The Smurf Village Studio

The Smurf Village Studio has been designed for children. Animations are completely amazing in this part. Following activities are included in it. 

  • Smurf Village Express Roller Coaster Ride
  • Woodland Play Park for Children
  • Smurf Village Play House Animated Show
  • Visit of Smurf theme Studio
  • Smurf Berry Factory Play Land for Children
The Smurf Village Studio

Lionsgate Studio

The Lionsgate Studio has following theme activities.

  • Capital Bullet Train (Fast Roller Coaster Ride)
  • Panem Aerial Tour (Explore the world of Magic)
  • Step Up Dubai Show

Actually, Lionsgate Studio is new and still tying to construct new adventure rides and shows in this theme. Moreover, after few years all development will be complete. 

Lions Gate

Explore Motiongate Dubai

We have tried to add as much information in this article. But, there are much more than this in Motiongate Dubai. Therefore, book your tour with your loved ones either with family or with friends. Even, you can also visit alone. It totally depends on you. 

In this tour you will enjoy with adventure roller coaster rides. Moreover, different animated themes are also included here for more enjoyment. However, there you will also see different live shows which will give you another level of attractive experience. You can memorize your day in your camera as well. And, also you can take help from available professional photographers who would help you to memorize your moment in professional way. 

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Complete Information of Entry Passes

You can choose Motiongate Dubai ticket according to your time schedule.

Single Day Ticket of MotionGate

Single day MotionGate ticket charges are AED 245

Q-Fast Ticket

Q Fast ticket is a best option because, it will  help you to enter in theme park without wait. You will not wait in queues.

Annual Pass Option

People who want to visit Dubai theme parks and Dubai Resorts then, annual pass option is best for you. It will help you to enjoy all the parks and resorts in Dubai. There are four parks & resorts which come in this pass.

  1. Motiongate
  2. Legoland Water Park
  3. Legoland Dubai
  4. Bollywood Park

Three types of passes are available for annual option.

  • Four Parks Costs is AED 595.
  • Two Parks Cost is AED 475.
  • One Park Cost is AED 345.

These passes are for annual options. 

Annual Pass Advantages

Best offer for those who purchase annual pass for Motiongate can avail these advantages.

  • 20% discount on on Lapita Hotel Spa
  • Special 10% discount on rooms
  • 10% discount on food and beverages
  • 10% discount on merchandiser and one day tickets.

Some More Information

Basically, Motiongate Dubai is a best suitable place for those who love to visit attractive points. Because, here you can enjoy different adventurer rides, beautiful attractive themes. Moreover, You can get a best experience of your life. Believe me you can’t forget this moment of your life here. Therefore, I will recommend you if you want to get joy and adventure with peace then, visit this place. 

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