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How Expensive Is The Vacation To Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai is considered one of the most prominent holiday destinations for travel enthusiasts from all over the globe. It is best known for housing the world’s best shopping malls, luxurious hotels as well as gourmet dining places. The emirate is the ideal example of how modernization can get blended well into its heritage and traditions. You will be overjoyed in terms of spending all your savings here in Desert safari Dubai.

It is in your budget if you are trying to visit Dubai on a strict budget and also do not wish to miss out on anything. The few are the best ways that can aid you in saving money and having immense fun in a morning desert safari in Dubai.

Plane Tickets to Dubai

You should be booking your ticket to Dubai advanced when the airline website is hosting special sales in order to get the best cost-friendly air ticket. There are several airlines that are flying there as Dubai is the most popular destination.

You can easily purchase a ticket from Etihad or Emirates while they constantly run on the discounted rate lists on their websites. For saving some amount of money on your air travel, you can now book your ticket with low-cost carriers such as Indigo, Spicejet, or FlyDubai.

Hotel Booking

Dubai is also known to be the most luxurious destination for the 5-star hotel. Burj Al Arab is the most famous and luxurious hotel present in Dubai. The hotel is considered as the world’s only 7-star who is awarded hotel, which is claimed by several people. You can even get hold of the cheaper accommodations that are suited to your budget.

Best Time To Visit Dubai On A Budget

While you are traveling or planning on heading for an evening desert safari, it is important that you plan your travel time. You should be avoiding the time when Dubai is experiencing the greatest tourist traffic since it is this time when there are companies related with travel raised according to price for the maximum profit.

The best time would be the hot summer months and even the Holy month of Ramadan. It also offers some of the best discounts for visitors during this time as time consists of fewer tourists, dining places as well as airline companies.

The Best Way to Travel

Taxis are extremely cheaper in Dubai compared to the rest of the global prices. It is, however, not the cheapest way to travel all around the city. Irrespective of how short the distance is, this taxi ride will be costing you about 12 AED.

Food Places in Dubai

Dubai is the place where one can find any type of food in this place as it is one of the most happening cities in the world. Global cuisine is available here that ranges from European Japanese to American cuisines. However, this kind of food may cost a hole in your pocket.

You should be checking out two things, such as the food that you are eating along with the kind of place you are selecting to eat from. There is varied kind of price ranges in different areas of the city. You can check out Bur Dubai and Deira surrounding areas, and one can get Indian and Arabic cuisines at the most reasonable prices.

Sightseeing In Dubai

Here are a few ways you can enjoy sightseeing at the most at lowest prices:

1. Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is considered the world’s massive shopping mall. There is no entry fee which is why you should be visiting this place.

2. Souqs

Shopping would be a must irrespective of whether we are on a budget tour to the most costly city or not. The Souqs will be the must if you love to shop while you are good at bargaining. There are several kinds of souqs here. You can have an abra ride across Dubai Creek to get access to this place. It will be costing you only 1AED. It is the most convenient way in which you can shop, and it is the best way you can explore this area.

3. Beaches

Dubai consists of several beautiful beaches that have clear and clean water. Kite and Jumeirah beach are the two serene beaches here. Along with this, you can surely head out for the overnight desert safari.

4. Bastakiya

Bastakiya is known as Dubai’s heritage hub. Here you can visit various ancestral structures as well as Dubai Museum. 3 AED is the entry fee to this museum. You can also feel the cultural vibe by enjoying the street art and also getting to explore the area.

5. Camel Museum

You can check out the place is Camel Museum at Al Shindagha Area. It will also be charging you no entry fee. The museum will reflect the history of camels in the UAE. The visiting time to this museum here is Sunday to Thursday between 8 am mornings to 2 pm evening.

You will get a great opportunity in terms of exploring Dubai on a budget with the help of this comprehensive list. You will come across food options that you can visit Dubai on a budget, from the best hotels to the best places you can visit.

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