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An Ultimate Guide To Explore Abu Dhabi

UAE’s second most praised heir is Abu Dhabi which is lesser hyped though in more magnificent ways. The city here continues to flourish in the middle of its tree-lined streets, wider roads, scenic parks, and desert safari Abu Dhabi as the city lies in its quiet slumber. On the Persian Gulf, there are roads lying lofty buildings that speak of the architectural talents. 

From Dubai, Abu Dhabi is just a 2-hour drive. Once you reach there, it has stock-filled with several things one can do here in Abu Dhabi, accounting for the most memorable trip.

You have many things in store to do here as you visit Abu Dhabi for the serenity of nature as well as a traditional treat since the Old Persian times. Abu Dhabi now invites in every traveler with all of its extravagance concealed in serenade. This is the ideal place for you to be if you are looking forwards in terms of making the best of your holidays in this Arab country.

1. Check out the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This mosque is considered as one of the most famous places lying in the capital city of UAE, especially during the Friday gatherings, each day worshipping and saying prayers. Visiting this would remain as one of the top things you can do here in Abu Dhabi. 

It is one of the largest mosques in the world, and Sheikh Zayed Mosque will be accommodating more than 40,000 people. This mosque is the ideal example of Persian art as you talk about architectural accomplishments.

2. Try out new Adventures at Ferrari World Theme Park

The Ferrari World theme park is a unique place and a must-visit attraction here in Abu Dhabi as it is located over a massive area. The theme park is packed with activities as well as experiences for individuals of every age group. They are located on Yas Island, which is a theme park that can be reached easily from Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi.

3. Watch the sunset at Abu Dhabi Corniche

Abu Dhabi Corniche is a perfect location to cool off your heels in the swarming city of here, overlooking the entire length of the waterfront. It is also known for its prominent attractions around Lulu Island, Emirates Palace, and Marina Mall. 

You can find the separate kid’s play areas with dedicated pathways for pedestrians and cyclists, restaurants and cafes, and the beach has its own separate beach park. This beachfront is awarded the status of Blue Flag, meaning that it is internationally recognized to be an eco-friendly zone.

4. Indulge into Arabian history at the Heritage Village

If you wish to indulge in the unspoiled pure experience of the Emirati culture, then this is the ultimate place to be in. People visit this place savoring their experiences which is one of its kind. This place is a treasure-trove with specialties and Persian charm of the place that is experienced by the local market here.

5. Start to dine and go through city excursion & more at Yas Island

Yas Island is the perfect place to be for the admirers or wealthy. The island brings in the best comfort to every wanderlust soul as you can visit this space with someone special, marveling at the great instances of the contemporary architecture in a helicopter tour or heading for a soothing beach walk.

6. Stroll through the Etihad Modern Art Gallery

You can breathe in life on the work on canvas displayed at the Etihad Modern Art Gallery. It is the ideal place where you get to catch those mesmerizing artwork, the gallery that exhibits the fine work all through the varied eras. These exhibitions even display the work from all over the famous global artists, and this is the place that is one of the best attractions here in Abu Dhabi.

7. Head out shopping at The Galleria, Al Raha, and Marina Mall

Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are known for their world-class shopping facilities as well as boutiques. Abu Dhabi is also home to a few of the luxurious brands in the world. These malls are known specifically for their boutique shipping which is also known for their elegant and chic shopping. Paris Avenue, The Galleria, and carpet Souk are known as a few of the elegant shopping places from around the world.

8. Spend moments of solitude at Al Ain Oasis

Lying in the middle of the bustling Abu Dhabi City, Al Ain is notably known as an oasis of peacefulness. For making sure of a tranquil getaway for every nature lover who wishes to escape the bustle of the city life as the place is set up in a careful manner. 

Yet another attraction of the place that the visitors should never be missing is the Al Ain Camel Souk. The highlights of this unique place are the food and beverage outlets, narrative trails as well as cultural retailers.

Abu Dhabi is the ideal place when you plan on a vacation if you plan on getting stunned with these awe-inspiring designs as well as the modern architecture. There are various things that you can do out here, being the Persian charm and bearing the magical vibes of the city here that would be accomplishing your trip completely.

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