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5 Best Things To Do In Hatta

Hatta Mountain Tour

Hatta is here to offer you a few aesthetic mountain ranges, all along with its rich and cultural backstory, being the perfect weekend getaway from Dubai. If you are an off-beat tourist, then you can surely discover yourself flocking through the Hatta mountain tour for the most pleasant climatic changes apart from the magnificence of its mountains.

For the adventure seekers who wish to get the adrenaline rush, you can take the unplanned bike ride or even battle out the waves on the colorful kayak. You can also take a stroll down its heritage street and get yourself acquainted with the vibrant culture of Hatta to derive that piece of history of Emirates.

Today, we are going to share the top 5 best things you can try out in Hatta, Dubai, while you may not be able to cover it all in a day!

1. Check out the glory of the Hatta Heritage Village

Walk down the ancient village of Dubai and learn about its ancient tales. Check out the mosques and forts along with the ancient watchtowers that stand tall till today. 

The Hatta Heritage Village today displays several artifacts, including the weapons, furnishing along with the instruments that will offer you an insight into its glorified past since its restoration in 2001.

You can get a striking contrast of the shiny features of the city being located about 130 km southeast to Central Dubai lies the ragged mountain cliffs, lush valleys as well as the scattered springs. You can hike up to the Hajar mountains and come in the face with some of the best breathtaking views of this historic village.

2. Grill-up at the Hatta Hill Park

Check out the Hatta Hill Park, being developed by the municipality of Dubai for environmental and recreational reasons as you take a short ride away from the village. 

Relish yourself to the barbecue with the scenic beauties of the magnificent mountains and the Hatta village from the peaks. It is the best place for a romantic evening along with a family dinner. Hatta Hill Park can surely make up to be the icing of your trip.

Hatta Hill Park is noted as the lush green space and a hillside oasis of the mountain town, being at a short drive from the heritage village of the region. This green space is also known to include running tracks, sports fields as well as the children’s playing field.

It is located at the foothills of the Hajar Mountains and is a great spot for BBQs and picnics.

3. Head out for a Mountain Safari Through Hatta

When you are here, make sure of trying out the Hatta mountain tour and get the first-hand experience of the mountain ranges that offers you the most panoramic pitstops. This perfect adventure commences from the Wadi trails while you travel through the rocky range on your 4 wheeler driven by a skilled driver.

You can be completely rejuvenated as you drive along the dried river beds of the Hatta Mountain that guides you to the freshwater pool is sure to offer you a one-of-a-kind experience. Revamp your senses as you dive in and enjoy the crystal blue serene water of the pools under the sky roof.

Hatta mountain is said to be located at the foothills of the Al Hajar Mountains, and it is a fascinating combination of scenic beauties, adventure as well as ancient cultural heritage. 

You can surely get a perfect weekend here as Hatta Mountain Safari is an off-road tour all along this rugged scrappy landscape. This mountain trail leads to the ancient Heritage Village of Hatta that houses the ancient fort as well as a mosque which is believed to be the ancient building here in Hatta.

4. Hike through the Wadis of Hatta

Since the mountain bed erosion, the ancient Hatta Village homes several scenic beauties of wadis that exist even today. These are the homes of some gorgeous pools, alluring visitors from all around the world. You can hike down this valley to derive the most unforgettable experience.

The hiking trails of Hatta are said to intersect each other, allowing you to create your own set of routes that would be covering every difficulty level. These green trails are quite easily suited for even the kids as there are no elevated trails. One can even head out directly through the blue trails even if you do not have any hiking experience.

5. Enjoy an Emirati meal at TanorLahm Restaurant

You now get to reward yourself with an exuberant and cultural Emirati meal at the restaurant of TanorLahm after a daylong of hiking, sightseeing, and taking a Hatta mountain tour.

You can surely try out a few delicacies here as you dive into the casual menu of the restaurant that includes some savory specialties, including chicken, camel, and lamb. You can never miss out on the lamb roast here as it is the signature dish of this restaurant.

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